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Meet The Honeycomb - An innovative design that reimagines the concept of ashtrays. Rather than the traditional characteristics of flat ashtrays, this Douser Ashtray features a vertical design with 6 distinct dousing cells that surround a larger ashing well.

The outer cells feature different sizes to accommodate the various diameters of whatever you’re dousing; whether it’s a hand roll, a huge preroll, or a thin incense stick.

Our Douser Ashtray encourages smokers to either partake or douse to use later, drastically reducing the ambient second-hand smoke that would otherwise be present were one to rest their item atop a traditional ashtray.

Affix the Honeycomb on your current ashtray to add a unique accent or let it stand alone; either way it’s sure to be the centerpiece for your smoking experiences.

Weight: 80g

Height: 2"

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