Finish represents the color, texture and visual complexion of your Douser. Start the journey by choosing your favorite custom finish, followed by its preferred form, or unique shape, to define your luxury dousing accessory.

We are 3 friends from NYC with a vision to re-imagine the smoking ritual in a way that prioritizes your personal freedom.

Navigating the smoking scene, we were often left torn between inhaling everything in an anxious frenzy or crushing the cherry out prematurely, leading to a regrettable waste of resources. This dilemma gnawed at the core of this simple pleasure pushing us to find a solution. 

House of Douse™ was conceived for moderation and self-expression to take center stage, empowering you to savor the moment without the pressure to overindulge or the guilt of wastefulness.

The cornerstone of this vision is our patented Douser™. Each Douser™  is a testament to meticulous hand-craftsmanship and artistic expression, made entirely right here in the USA every step of the way.

Using only sustainable materials, these stand-alone masterpieces are more than just smoking accoutrement; they are functional works of art that augment and amplify the space they occupy.

Every Douser™ is unique, imbued with an identity as distinctive as its owner. Beyond  a mere accessory; it is a personal statement that resonates with your style, embodying elegance and individuality.

House of Douse™ champions the ethos of individuality, offering a space where style, moderation, and self-expression converge harmoniously. As a recognized authority in smoking accessories, we are committed to the highest standard of quality and sustainability.

Step into the House of Douse™ Experience the unique blend of luxury & practicality; but most importantly, we invite you to "partake at your own pace".